Kitchen Manager/Baker

We are looking for a new Kitchen Manager/Baker who is excited about joining a social-enterprise speciality coffee-shop and ready to help us take the catering element of our business to the next level.

The roles involve maintaining a professional and quality product and service whilst also looking to build community and interact with those who may be socially isolated. We are looking for someone who fully supports the goals of our social-enterprise and will give their all to its continued success. We may consider two people for the two roles.


Essential qualities:

  • Quality and consistent cake-making [baker] and catering [kitchen manager] skills

  • Ability to demonstrate good customer service and character

  • Ability to contribute to the positive culture in the kitchen team.

  • A desire for excellence and quality

  • Availability to work at weekends


Desirable qualities:

  • Ability to do the above at speed in high-pressure environments

  • Initiative and desire to improve work systems

  • Experience in the catering industry

  • An understanding of ethical sourcing and contemporary trends

  • Excellent teamwork skills

  • Experience in working with Espresso

  • Experience working with young or vulnerable people

  • Food Hygiene training and experience


Role of Kitchen Manager/Baker includes:

● Preparing, baking/cooking and serving food to food hygiene standards

● Serving customers and ensuring an exceptional experience for each of our guests (customers)

● Managing & performing the day-to-day coffee house duties

● Maintaining the quality of product and service

● Developing our menu

● Ensuring the kitchen and cafe environment is always presentable and clean

● Being responsible for the completion of duties on the daily checklist

● Making stock orders, receiving deliveries, paying orders

● Preparing cash to bank

● Volunteer management & development on your shift

● Dealing appropriately with issues that arise with staff, volunteers and customers on your shift

● Cashing up daily

● Opening up and closing up

● Actively inputting into team meetings with new process & development ideas

● Complying with health and safety regulations



● Maintaining and protecting the morale of the team

● Always looking to build better community cohesion and reduce social isolation

● Serving with a professional and positive attitude


Extra duties may include (potential of overtime)

● training, volunteer induction, organising & paying invoices and involvement with occasional staff evening events


Interviews will be held in Mid March and appointments will be made to start Late March. We intend to offer 26 hours to this role, this is flexible and we will can consider hiring for the baking and kitchen management roles seperately. 

Please send a covering email detailing your relevant experience and skills, with an attached CV to (